Introducing MIND LAB MUSIC's NEW CD... MANDALA (healing soundscapes)

MANDALA  is a 10 track musical journey of world and ambient soundscapes, created from a beautiful mix of keyboards, guitar, bells and zither to achieve a deeper level of balance between the inner and outer energies of your life. Perfect for yoga, meditation, relaxation, and all healing arts!

Known for "painting pictures with sound", and a long-time interest in the healing arts, award winning composers Bobbi Holt & Victor Samalot tap into their diverse musical influences to focus on the healing powers of sound and guided imagery to effectively achieve relaxation, positive energy, personal development, and the release of negative energy and emotions.

While predominantly instrumental, MANDALA also introduces 2 tracks featuring Susan Randall-Alexander, (occupational therapy assistant - 25 years), who has incorporated guided imagery and relaxation techniques in her practice with chronic, general physical rehabilitation and industrially injured clients. She has observed the benefits of guided imaging with her client’s decrease in complaints of pain and improved ability to focus on what is meaningful and purposeful in their lives.

As mandala’s themselves exist to balance the inner and outer self, Mind Lab Music exists to create the soundtrack for the health and well-being of mind, body, and spirit.
Be well, enjoy, peace!

New Mind Lab Music in Production

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  1. I was amazed and very surprised to find this kind of thing. The music is very addictive and helps you somehow to have a certain environment while you are reading a book. Thanks for sharing!