Based in Cleveland Ohio, Mind Lab Music (TSM Productions), is the brainchild of musicians and award winning film scorers / composers, Victor Samalot (guitar), and Bobbi Holt (keyboards, bass). They are also the founding members of the Jazz / rock / fusion group Rare Blend. (https://store.cdbaby.com/artist/rareblend)

Mind Lab Music creates ambient and world soundscapes for purchase, licensing and performance. Offerings inlcude music for relaxation and meditation with future additions also encompassing groove, chill, elctronic and world compositions, both vocal and instrumental. MLM's debut CD is entitled 'MANDALA' , a 10 track musical journey of world and ambient soundscapes, created from a beautiful mix of keyboards, guitar, bells and zither to achieve a deeper level of balance between the inner and outer energies of your life. Perfect for yoga, meditation, relaxation, and all healing arts!
Make time! Be Well! Enjoy!

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